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Welcome to The Krusty Krab

WIP REVAMP UNDER DEV. The site rn is lowkey ass but if you need a game or software just lmk.

Go ahead and check out the NEW! page.

Hey so the new page is a temporary update now that I am most likely going to start updating the site again. Its just going to have any news or new progams/games we add until we finish the entire revamp of the site.

"TheKrustyKrab(Games) Has The Mission To Spread Games to The Unfortunates That Can't Afford Games, Or To Assist Those Who Are Unable To Download Games Through Conventional Means, In Sight Of This Statement, If You Are Truly Enjoying A Game/Program Please Consider Buying The Game/Program From The Distrubuting Site, Respectively To Support The Creaters, Thank You." - TheKrustaceanKrew .

How to Remove Content Keeper By JDaddy:

I work on this site with a small team of friends, i have a lot of other garbage to do besides this, so the updates are very spaced. Please pay attention to your computers hard-drive space when downloading programs, some of these programs are very storage intensive, or you might not have the amount of storage required. It Is Highly Recommended To Delete The Zip File Of A Program After You Are Done With It, This Is A Very Good Practice To Manage Your Hard-Drive.

Issues Found:

Issue: Minecraft Download- Only Works For A Day, Then Wont Update Or Connect To Servers, The Trigger For This Glitch Seems To Be Several Attempts Of Starting Minecraft While Having Content Keeper Active (Even Single Player)(Only Affects School Computers)

Issue: Fallout New Vegas Download- Admin Runners Aren't Working On The Installation Files Required In Order To Play FalloutNV

Fixes Found

Fix Found: Minecraft Download- Delete Minecraft.exe (Permanently; Clear Recycle Bin) Off Your Computer, Re-Install Via Minecraft Download Link, Should Be Fine

Fix Found: Fallout New Vegas Download- There Is Currently No Solution, Please Hold Off Downloading This Until Further Evaluation Has Been Put Forward and Recent News Has Been Posted, This Is Just To Anknowledge That We Are Aware Of This Issue, Thank You For Your Patience